School Surprises Janitor With Cash Gift So He Can Visit His Son – A Touching Story!

Ricky Spaulding’s son is in the armed forces and is currently serving over in Italy. Unfortunately for Ricky, he lives in Lexington, Kentucky. And while that’s a great place to live if you like fried chicken and bourbon, it’s far from ideal when your beloved offspring is in Europe. It’s even less ideal when you don’t earn a huge amount in your job as a school caretaker to afford the air fare.

But so loved by everyone at Anderson County High School is Ricky, that they all clubbed together to raise $1,900 for him and his wife to take a trip over to Sicily to see the son they’d not seen for a year and meet the grandson they’d never met.

Janitor Gift

The school gathered in the gymnasium and the principal put out a call over the public address system for Ricky to attend to clear up a mess. But there was no mess. Just a great big bin full of dollar bills!

Watch them surprise the big man here. It really is quite lovely…

How good is that, eh? It’s nice to be appreciated, isn’t it?

What do you think?

Written by Boredom Bash

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