This Japanese Dude Takes His Arcade Games WAY Too Seriously!

    Video games and arcade shooters and things kind of split people, don’t they? You either love playing Bioshock and Grand Theft Auto at home and shooting the heck out of a thousand zombies in an arcade shoot-em-up or you don’t. Personally, we don’t see the appeal. But the guy you’re about to see couldn’t be more of a fan if he tried. And trust us – he’s a dude who tries.

    You’ve never seen a man make more effort when playing an arcade shooter. He ducks, he dives, he runs. The man’s even brought his own SHOOTING GLOVES to the game, that’s how seriously he’s taking it all. Sure, he looks like he’s pretty good at it. But then, you’d have to hope that he is. Only he’s unlikely yo have many friends or girlfriends if he spends all day giving himself repetitive strain injury shooting little lasers at pretend people…

    Put down the gun!