Jason Statham Gets DECKED By Jimmy Fallon During Hilarious Game Of ‘SlapJack’

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You’ve heard of blackjack, right? And you’ve heard of slapping. But you probably haven’t heard of a little something called ‘Slapjack’. It’s the creation of Jimmy Fallon. The 40 year-old Tonight Show star’s idea is simple: two card players go head to head playing blackjack. And the loser of each hand gets – yep, you guessed it – slapped. With a giant foam hand.

Now there are plenty of celebrities that you wouldn’t mind getting into a slapping game with. Woody Allen’s not going to do you much damage. And nor is Angela Lansbury. But if there’s one guy we actively seek to avoid getting into a slapping scrap with, it’s hardman Brit actor Jason Statham.

Jimmy better have some serious cardsharp skills…

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