Little Boy Makes Friends With a GIANT Python!

    Sithbou village in Cambodia. 6 year-old Sambath Uon has a best friend who lives with him in his family’s home and has done ever since he was born. But little Sambath’s pal isn’t an adopted brother or even a dog. No, no, no… It’s a 5 meter long Giant Burmese Snake that weighs in at over 265lb! Which is pretty darn crazy, right?

    It must be dangerous. Surely. The snake is domesticated, so isn’t aggressive in any way, but it’s still a risk. Animals are never entirely predictable. Although the mom of the house is happy. She thinks that the python brings the house good luck. Proof of that comes from the snake’s name, ‘Chomreun’. It’s Khmer for ‘lucky’.

    Let’s just hope he is lucky, huh?!

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