London Marathon Runner Sacrifices His Own Time To Help Collapsing Competitor Cross The Line

Ebola Virus Outbreak Video Pranks The Whole of London!

Matthew Rees has been preparing for the London Marathon for months. He’s an amateur runner from Chorlton Runners Club in Manchester and he lives for his long distance running. And there’s no greater challenge than the twenty six race across Europe’s most fmaous city. But this year he forgot all about his time. Why? Well, he was too busy helping out another runner!

Rees can see the finish line up ahead and may well be on course for a personal best. Just two hundred meters from the end, he stops racing to help guy called David Wyeth. Another runner who had collapsed during the race earlier. Twice. Wyeth was wobbly and shaky – he’d hit ‘The Wall’ and was struggling to finish. Rees knew his fellow runner would be devastated not to finish. So he helped him, stopping to grab the guy and walk him over the line. Together.

This is a truly selfless act of kindness that you can’t help but feel lifted and inspired by. Matthew didn’t care about his own time – despite working hard on his preparation before the big race. He sacrificed that just to help someone else. Someone like him. It’s just a great thing to see…

London Marathon

We love this. Goo Matthew! Check out the excellent little clip right here:

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