Single Man Leaves Sweetest Lonely Hearts Message On Park Bench

    Nowadays, a lot of single people looking for love head onto the internet and use dating websites. Or onto their smartphones on apps such as Tinder. Sure, there’s still the old ways of asking people out in bars or at work and what have you – but it can be tricky.

    A lonely guy on vacation in Wales recently decided to try out a new way of finding romance. He was on a walking holiday there in Swansea from his nearby home in South West England when he decided to try something different. He got out his pen, some paper and plastic tape and left a lonely hearts message for any potentially interested ladies.

    He’s a ‘tall Englishman’, looking for a ‘single Welsh woman’ to ‘settle down with’. This is real sweet, have a look:


    It reads:

    “Tall, slim, English, white, male, 40s, dark brown eyes/hair.

    On brief April holiday here and though I will be going back to the South West soon, would love to hear from a single Welsh woman.

    Your looks/age/size are not important as it’s compatibility that matters for long term relationship with hopefully the potential to settle down together.”


    There were contact details left on the otherside… We wonder if the mystery man heard from anyone. We hope so – he sounds like a lovely guy!