An Ear Infestation That Will Make Your Skin Crawl!

Ear Infestation

Are you ready for this? Only, once this video has been seen, it can’t be unseen! What you’re about to see is called ‘aural myasis’, known to me and you as a fly laying hundreds of eggs up your nose or in your ear as you sleep. and then hatching. Yep – the poor young man in this video has an earful of live maggots that are about to become houseflies. Good job he got the doctor to have them remove too. Only, if left untreated, flies would have hatched from the larvae inside his head. INSIDE HIS HEAD.

Myasis is actually pretty common. Just not in humans. Livestock animals like cattle will suffer from flies laying eggs on or in them quite a lot. Theirs is usually just below the skin, though. The same can happen in humans – the fly will lay the eggs in tissue that it knows can be feasted upon by the young. So the patient in this clip, as well as having flies inside his head, was at risk of having tissue inside his ear (and his brain!) slowly eaten by bugs. Seriously.

Watch the medical staff examining the poor fella here:


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