Caught on Video – A Sick Man Collapses in Front of a Crowd. What Happens Next Will Truly Shock You!

We all like to think that we’re good people, right? Pillars of the community with strong moral compasses that are prepared to stand up for what’s right. Right?

But how well do we really know ourselves? Wouldn’t everyone help someone in need? This fascinating – and pretty alarming – video asks these questions and comes back with some answers that you probably won’t like…

Appearances Matter

You see a man collapse on the street. He’s clearly ill and in need of a little help. You rush over to help him, surely?

Homeless Guy in Trouble

But what if that man is wearing tattered clothes? You decide he’s clearly homeless. Maybe he’s been drinking. Or worse. Do you still stop?

But how about if the man is wearing a smart suit and tie instead? Then what do you do? Watch this video experiment from France and find out what some other random passers-by would do:

Wow. Depressing, isn’t it? Why are we so judgemental about people? Surely what someone wears isn’t that important?! If you feel strongly after having seen this shocking video, why not share your feelings with a friend? Make them think too.

What do you think?

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