Brave Guy Saves Beached Shark!

    It’s not often you see humans and sharks working together on a common goal. Usually they’re at opposite ends battling against each other. Sharks are trying to avoid getting caught up in fishing nets while human fisherman try to catch them. Or they’re trying to eat us. And we’re trying not to get eaten! But in this incredible clip – both man and Jaws are trying to achieve the same goal – to save the shark’s life.

    A shark finds itself accidentally beached, caught on the sand with no way of getting back into the water. Luckily for this poor thing, a brave guy is passing and decides to help out by dragging it back into the sea. At enormous personal risk, of course. The shark might be on dry land – but its huge teeth are still more than capable of ripping through the man’s flesh…

    Check out some serious kindness and bravery: