3 Year Old Using Marijuana Finds HUGE Relief From Epilepsy – You Need To See This…

Addyson Benton was diagnosed as suffering from Intractable Myoclonic Epilepsy when she was just nine months old. The condition worsened to the point where the poor little girl was having anywhere up to a HUNDRED seizures a day. Her parents were at their wits’ ends. They’d tried countless medicines and drugs. None had worked. One day they heard about the effectiveness of medical marijuana. But being an Ohio family, cannabis use for medical benefit is illegal there.

So they moved to where it wasn’t! Colorado to be exact. And now that Addyson is on a course of non-psychoactive cannabis treatment (meaning, effectively, that she doesn’t get ‘high’), her condition is so much better!

“We were blown away.  She was walking with ease and communicating…We are so excited for her future. It was tough to say goodbye,” says mom Heather, “but it’s been worth it seeing the success.”