Woman Selling Dresses On eBay Gets PLAGUED By Creeps With Dirty Messages…

Katherine Macpherson is a keen user of the online auction website eBay. She buys and sells clothes on there quite a bit and specializes in dresses. These items are often for special occasions and as such are tight and some are low cut. Macpherson has a desirable figure and makes an excellent model for the clothes…

And therein lies the problem. Only, you see, she receives dozens of messages a day on eBay. But the messages aren’t enquiries about the dresses or sizes or P&P. They’re sent by men and they’re often quite explicit or harassing in nature.

It seems you can’t escape online creeps even on sites like eBay!

The 42 year-old Brit claims to have reported the issue to the website but has heard nothing back and believes that they are not taking her case seriously enough.

Creepy Ebay Messages Woman In Dress Gets

The mum-of-two say this: “I’m not ashamed of my body. I don’t cover up but people should control themselves.”

Creepy Ebay Messages Woman In Dress Gets

On average she will received up to twenty messages a day from perverts on eBay and it’s becoming tiresome for her.

“I have approached eBay about this constant stream of harassment but they make it extremely difficult to report other users for this kind of behaviour.”

Creepy Ebay Messages Woman In Dress Gets

“One person who sent me several unanswered messages and then became more insistent before sending me a picture of his penis was on my blocked bidder list and should not have been able to contact me but somehow still managed it…”

“I reported him and was informed by eBay that if they received any more complaints from other users they may consider suspending his account.”

Creepy Ebay Messages Woman In Dress Gets


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