Here’s Why You Should Never Fall Asleep in the Military!

    Being a soldier in the military can be a tough gig. You’re flown out to the world’s most dangerous places and asked to carry out tasks that might end up with bullets being fired at you. It’s stressful stuff and hard work. So you need to be able to rely on your fellow soldiers to help you out. Teamwork’s a massive aid. You need to be able to trust your life to these men and women…

    But it can be tough when you can’t even trust them to leave you alone while you sleep! Seriously, falling asleep outside of scheduled snoozing hours is a crime punishable by the funniest pranks. Even just nodding off for a few minutes or catching forty winks can end up with you having a practical joke played on you.

    Some of the best military sleep pranks can be found in this hilarious collection: