Hack Your Life Now With 50 Of the Most Ingenious Tips and Tricks!

Life can be a bit of a slog, can’t it? Working, commuting, paying bills, doing all the stuff you can’t be bothered to do that takes ages and costs loads of money. We need shortcuts, tips, tricks and little cheats to make things brighter and easier. We need life hacks. And we have them here a-plenty. In fact, we have 50 of them right here…

1. Folding clothes.

Life Hacks (1)

2. Easy gutter cleaning.

Life Hacks (1)

3. No more wrinkles!

Life Hacks (2)

4. Cool wine ice cubes!

Life Hacks (2)

5. Debone chickens wings nice and easily.


6. Be cool in lifts.

Life Hacks (3)

7. Beat nasty packaging with a can opener.

Life Hacks (3)

8. Know your exits by which side the signs are on.

Life Hacks (4)

9. Mobiles will charge twice as quick in ‘airplane mode’!

Life Hacks (4)

10. Folding. Ninja style.


11. What a torch/nightlight hack!

Life Hacks (5)

12. Crib trick.

Life Hacks (5)

13. Sneaky. We like it!

Life Hacks (6)

14. Don’t waste money on expensive sink unblockers. Use baking soda and vinegar!


15. Simple. As all the best hacks are.

Life Hacks (6)

16. Smart.

Life Hacks (7)

17. Wrap a wet cloth around a beer and put in the freezer – it’ll cool in minutes!

Life Hacks (7)

18. Micro-hack.

Life Hacks (8)

19. Great if you lose things.

Life Hacks (8)

20. In a hotel without a phone charger? Most TVs have a socket at the back for such occasions (provided it’s USB).

Life Hacks (9)

21. Sharpen old razors AND remove bobbles from your jeans at once!

Life Hacks (9)

22. Use AAA batteries in things that require AAs.

Life Hacks (10)

23. Roll up t-shirts to conserve space in drawers.

Life Hacks (10)

24. Improve your cameraphone.

Life Hacks (11)

25. Quick egg peel!


26. Chinese containers are supposed to fold out into little plates!

Life Hacks (12)

27. Don’t let pans boil over.

Life Hacks (13)

28. Add baking soda to the water to ensure an easy eggshell removal.

Life Hacks (14)

29. Yolk separation hack.

Life Hacks (15)

30. Cosmetic tip. Nice.

Life Hacks (16)

31. Cut down on salad prep time.


32. That’s na-cho fire!

Life Hacks (17)

33. Worth remembering…

Life Hacks (18)

34. Less wire clutterage.

Life Hacks (19)

35. Microwave space hack!

Life Hacks (20)

36. We like.

Life Hacks (21)

37. The easiest way to make an ice cream sandwich.

Life Hacks (22)

38. Keep food fresh and use up old hangers.

Life Hacks (23)

39. No need to replace those jeans with the busted zip!

Life Hacks (24)

40. Cool kitchen tip.

Life Hacks (25)

41. More microwave knowledge for you.

Life Hacks (26)

42. The power of nuts.

Life Hacks (27)

43. This is our favourite…

Life Hacks (28)

44. The best way to get into a banana.


45. How have we never thought of this?!

Life Hacks (29)

46. Popping clever.

Life Hacks (30)

47. Keeping fresh.

Life Hacks (31)

48. Stay safe.

Life Hacks (32)

49. Nice idea…

Life Hacks (33)

50. Be smart at the beach.

Life Hacks (34)


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