With the New Thorium Car You Need Only Refuel Every 100 Years!

Can you imagine a car that requires just 8 GRAMS of fuel every ONE HUNDRED YEARS…? Nope, us neither. Which doesn’t matter because we don’t have to imagine it. A company called Laser Power Systems has already invented a vehicle that does just that. It runs on something called ‘Thorium’, a naturally-occurring radioactive metal. The Thorium car would be entirely emission and carbon free, meaning there would be no negative impact on the environment. So could this well be the greatest invention ever? Only time will tell. Have a look:

Did you know?
The Earth’s crust is made up of infinitely more thorium than tin. So there’s no shortage of the stuff. And its energy potential is ridiculous. Scientists believe that just one pound of thorium can produce as much energy as 3 MILLION pounds of coal!

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