WTF! This Weird Alien Creature Is The Most MESSED UP Thing You’ll See All Day!

    It may look like something from some bizarre sci-fi movie, but we’re afraid to tell you that this ridiculously creepy and disgusting creature and it’s bewilderingly vile behavior is entirely earthly. If entirely horrifying. You’re about to witness a ‘nemertea’ up close. Otherwise known as a ribbon worm, this odd little thing is thought to be from the gorgonorhynchus species. But never mind that – it’s what it does that’s REALLY interesting/upsettingly sick…

    For whatever reason, some dude’s letting it crawl about on his hand. Okay, fine – it’s just a big worm anyway, right? WRONG! A ‘proboscis’ is about to come spewing out of it and it’s something that’ll haunt your nightmares for years!

    The proboscis is a hollow muscle structure which the nemertea can eject and then suck up prey in before eating them. Good luck sleeping tonight, everyone!