Miracle Baby Pulled Out After 22 Hours Under Rubble In Nepal

    This week’s tragic earthquake in Nepal has sadly claimed the lives of thousands and thousands of people. It’s a true disaster with an impact so huge it’s┬áhard to even imagine, such is the scale. Tens of thousands of people have been badly injured and the entire country is in a state of emergency and disarray. It’s a terrible situation. But even in such an awful environment, small glimmers of hope can be found…

    As the whole of Nepal weeps, pictures of a tiny baby which miraculously survived spending 22 hours trapped under rubble has emerged. The photographs have lifted the country somewhat and given rescuers renewed energy and hope.


    This is little Sonit Awal and he is just four months old. He was caught under a fallen building for almost an entire day until he was found by rescuers in the town of Muldhoka, Bhaktapur – to the East of the capital of Kathmandu.

    It was the Nepalese Army that found the child, after his father called them in following the collapse of the building.


    Sonit was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, but was – luckily – found to be completely uninjured. What a miracle!


    While this is a beautiful little chapter, it’s in the middle of a larger story which is full of heartbreak, sadness and loss. We wish little Sonit and his family all the best and our hearts are with everyone affected by the this terrible event over in Nepal.