Champion Muay Thai Fighter Fools Boys At The Gym By Pretending She Can’t Fight

Meet Germaine Yeap. She’s a professional Muay Thai fighter and holds the title of Kuala Lumpur Women’s Champion. She is, as the start of this brilliant new video shows, a force to be reckoned with. But what happens when Germaine puts on some nerdy glasses, pulls on a pair of girly pink shorts and some silly-looking bright green boxing gloves and challenges some guys down the gym to a sparring session?

They take one look at her and immediately try to persuade her that it’s not a good idea to take them on one to one. After all, she’s just a girl. Eventually she persuades them to get into the ring … and then this happens:

Ha ha! They weren’t expecting that! Maybe this will make them think about the misconceptions they hold about members of the opposite sex after getting such a monumental beat-down from this feisty young lady! After all, as this video goes to show, appearances can be VERY deceptive!