Check Out How Stupidly Close This Boat Gets to a GREAT WHITE SHARK!

We think they’re gonna need a bigger boat… These New Jersey fishermen and women are dipping their rods into the water off the coast of Cape May, NJ. Suddenly they notice something out of the corner of their collective eye. It was a shark. But no ordinary shark. It was a Great White Shark. And a 16-footer, no less!

So they did what anyone would do – laughed and messed about and filmed it… The NUTTERS. Still, we’re glad that they did because had they have panicked and left, we’d never have got the quite incredible footage that we have. It’s pretty special. Have a watch:


How about that for a close call? Have these people not seen Jaws ferchrissakes?! Ay, ay, ay… The SIZE of that thing!

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