Your Cellphone Is Going To Make You Afraid of Your Own Home

Is your home haunted? Is it full of ghosts and spirits? Do they attack you??? Well, let’s hope not. But if you’re a horror fan and you’re into your video games and like a bit of action, maybe you’d quite like it if it were. But we’ve all seen Poltergeist and Paranormal Activity, it looks pretty stressful. So maybe your best bet is to let ARG (‘augmented reality games’) trick you into thinking that your house is overrun by spirits and ghouls and monsters…

‘Night Terrors’ is a cellphone app which uses lots of the technology of smartphones to plot a map of your house and by walking around your home in the dark with the game running, adds in ghosts and other frightful things into a game. The tech is amazing, the game is terrifying!

Night Terrors

The project is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo and is nearly halfway there with two weeks to go. The people behind the game are looking for $70,000 worth of funding.

Night Terrors

Watch some clips, see how it works and check out the game’s inventor as he explains how it all happens:

Would you play Night Terrors…?!