25 Easter Bunnies Straight Out Of Your Nightmares!

    The Easter Bunny. A cute, fluffy, kindly rabbit who brings us chocolate eggs to celebrate Jesus rolling back the stone. Well, usually. Here we present to you: ‘Easter Bunnies from hell’. They’re the sort of terrifying creatures that usually haunt your nightmares. So, sit back, relax, and ‘enjoy’ the 25 scariest Easter Bunnies of all time. Viewer discretion is advised.

    1. This can’t be unseen.

    bunny 1

    2. “I use these teeth to feast on young children.”

    bunny 2

    3. The Easter Bunny, after he grew his hair and had that skin graft.

    bunny 3

    4. “I won’t hurt you. Honest.”

    bunny 4

    5. Despite their best efforts, Mr and Mrs Jones’ adopted son stood out like a sore thumb.

    bunny 5

    6. Has someone spiked my coffee with mescaline?

    bunny 6

    7. So many questions. Why is she wearing rollerblading gear? Can’t the Easter Bunny afford a better pair of sneakers? Isn’t it a bit inappropriate for the Easter Bunny to wear a Playboy scarf? The eyes?!?!

    bunny 7

    8. Just kicking back with this rabbit who’s about to rip my face off.

    bunny 8

    9. “Repeat after me: You are the King of Easter.”

    bunny 9

    10. Ted Bunny

    bunny 10

    11. One is a crazed, psychotic animal. The other is the Easter Bunny.

    bunny 11

    12. This Easter Bunny keeps his eggs in urinals. Nothing weird about that.

    bunny 12

    13. “Why do you have such a long, tubular head, Mr Bunny?”

    “Just shut up and smile for the camera.”

    bunny 13

    14. The eyes. The EYES!

    bunny 14

    15. Hmmmmm……

    bunny 15

    16. The Easter Bunny hasn’t quite mastered cloning techniques yet.

    bunny 16

    17. “I know I appear boring, but look – a motorbike!”

    bunny 17

    18. I’d be crying too.

    bunny 18

    19. Oh look, it’s the Easter … Penguin?

    bunny 19

    20. “Is that mask made from human skin, Mr Bunny?”

    bunny 20

    21. “Why does your breath smell of whiskey, Mr Bunny?”

    bunny 21

    22. Wasn’t he the dead bloke in Donnie Darko?

    bunny 22

    23. There are no words.

    bunny 23

    24. Watch where you’re holding that carrot, dude.

    bunny 24

    25. That’s it. I’m going for a lie down.

    bunny 25