When This Puppy Became Paralyzed, His Family Threw Him Out, But His Story Didn’t End There

Meet Zeus. He’s a happy-go-lucky dog who’s been given a new lease (or should that be ‘leash’?!) of life. His story is a bit of a rollercoaster, really. Born nice and healthy, it wasn’t until about six months of age that he began to suffer from some increasingly serious medical conditions. Soon, he was becoming paralyzed all over. His owners at the time couldn’t deal with him and gave him away. To a shelter in Oklaholma that’s officially classified as ‘high kill’. Things looked bleak for Zeus.

Paralyzed Puppy

And then came a reprieve. If Zeus were to stay in Oklaholma, he would have ended up dead, for sure. So luckily for him the heroes at St. Francis Community Animal Rescue & Education (CARE) in Murphysboro, Illinois came knocking and took him in. Lynda Kuether from CARE took him under her wing and got him some top notch medical attention. The vet said his problems stemmed from a virus. He prescribed some specific steroids and an intensive course of physical therapy. Luckily for Zeus, Lynda’s a physical therapist!

Paralyzed Puppy

His therapy started in the pool because it’s easier to move (with flotation aid) in a swimming pool. Slowly but surely, he stretched his muscles and got back moving…

Paralyzed Puppy

Soon enough he was able to move in a wheelchair! What a truly amazing story and fantastic journey that Zeus has been on. Watch the miracle pooch in action here:

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Written by Boredom Bash

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