NEWS JUST IN: Dogs in a Photo Booth is Now The Best Thing Ever – See The Proof!

Common logic would suggest that putting two pit bull terriers in a confined space and then flashing lights at them probably isn’t a good idea. But then common logic isn’t always right. Check out these photos here – proof that putting two pit bull terriers in a confined space and then flashing lights at them is a BRILLIANT idea. Photographer Lynn Terry came up with it and got some terrific shots for her trouble. She also snapped a few other pooches for good measure…

Photo Booth Dogs (1)

The dogs above are Buster and Willis. Buster is a reformed fighter dog and Willis was born to a rescued fighter dog. Both are safe as houses now and love having their photo taken.

Photo Booth Dogs (2)

And so do the rest of the dogs here. Or at least, they aren’t all that conscious that it’s being taken!

Photo Booth Dogs (3)

We love these pictures. They’re almost as good as pictures of dogs playing snooker.

Photo Booth Dogs (4)

Lynn Terry hails from St. Louis, so all the mutts you see here are from her home state of Missouri.

Photo Booth Dogs (5)

We’ve seen these booths at parties and events. Although we’ve never been greeted by a pack of dogs when we’ve stepped inside (unfortunately…).

Photo Booth Dogs (6)

Since the pictures were released, Lynn’s made a kennel-load of TV and radio appearances, both locally and nationally. Seems that people just can’t get enough of dogs in photo booths!

Dogs in Photo Booths (1)

She’s also picked up a few awards for her work. Richly deserved they are too, we say.

Dogs in Photo Booths (2)

Some of these pictures MUST be posed, surely?! LOOK at them…

Dogs in Photo Booths (3)

Though we’re not sure these dogs would fancy being full-time models, what with all the catwalks involved.

Dogs in Photo Booths (4)

Sorry – that was a terrible joke. Let’s just look at another couple of dogs in a booth, shall we?

Dogs in Photo Booths (5)

Source: Lynn Terry Photography

ARGH! We love ’em! Dogs in photo booths – our new favourite thing. Share this with a canine-loving pal today. There’s no doubt they’ll dig these as much as we do.

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Written by Boredom Bash

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