He Let His Pit Bulls Run Wild In The River. What They Found Amazed Me!

When Ken Wiesner left his pit bulls with a friend last year, he probably never realized the massive furore that they would cause. After leaving them with his friend, she took them for a walk by a river. Once there, the dogs spotted salmon swimming, and bolted towards the water. They then started to catch and drag the salmon out to the riverbank. Ken’s pal had a camcorder, and filmed the whole episode. Ken then uploaded the footage to YouTube, and thought little of it.

However, as the video began to get shared around the internet, Ken received a backlash from members of the public unhappy that his pit bulls had been allowed to interfere with the salmon’s life cycle and bemoaning the pointless death that they had suffered (the fish were not retained and eaten. They were thrown back into the river dead).

Ken has since claimed that he scolded his pal for allowing it to happen, but had uploaded it onto YouTube as a record of events. The friend no longer talks to him.