Inspiring Life Advice From Pixar Movies – These Are GENIUS!

We all know and love Disney Pixar movies, right? Up, Monsters Inc., the Toy Story trilogy… All great. But are they just good films to stick in the DVD player to kill 90 minutes? Or is there more to them than that?

When you think about it, each movie in Pixar’s stable has a vital lesson to teach us. Sometimes more than one too. Don’t believe us? Look – we’ll prove it!

Movie: A Bug’s Life

Lesson: Never dismiss the little guy. Determination can get you anywhere.

A Bugs Life


Movie: Brave

Lesson: Learn your strengths and embrace them!



Movie: Cars

Lesson: You shouldn’t always rush about. Life could pass you by – slow down and enjoy it.



Movie: Finding Nemo

Lesson: Take a chance and say ‘yes’ to adventure.

Finding Nemo Adventure


Movie: The Incredibles

Lesson: Treasure you family – they’re the most valuable thing you’ll ever have.

Incredibles Family


Movie: Monsters University

Lesson: Always be open to the idea of making friends with someone different from you.

Monsters Inc Friendship


Movie: Monsters Inc.

Lesson: Laughter really is the best medicine.

Monsters Inc Laughter


Movie: Ratatouille

Lesson: Spice up your life.



Movie: Toy Story

Lesson: Friendship is everything.

Toy Story Friendship


Movie: Up

Lesson: True love never dies.

Up Love


Movie: Wall-E

Lesson: If you love someone, hold their hand to show them.

Wall-E Holding Hands

Credit: Disney

Who knew that some of your favourite movies were so wise?! Not only are Disney’s Pixar films brilliant entertainment, it turns out they’re also worldly wise too. Fantastic!

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Written by Boredom Bash

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