This POV Mountain Bike Video is a TOTAL Thrill Ride!

Ever fancied extreme mountain biking through awesome terrain but don’t have the skills, equipment or bottle for it? Don’t worry. Nor have we! We can offer you the next best thing, though. Exhilarating point of view footage from one of the world’s best bikers, Claudio Caluori.

In the amazing video below you can watch Claudio tackle the steep Scottish wilderness as he rides through the UCI Mountain Biking World Cup track in Fort William. Gawp as he stays on two wheels and lands massive jumps seemingly against the laws of nature!

GoPro Cycling

If you want to see what zipping downhill through the Scottish countryside is like for yourself, watch the incredible video below:

Crazy, eh? The video’s frightening enough – imagine actually doing it for real… We’re just glad Claudio filmed it with his GoPro camera so we can experience the thrills from our armchairs!

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