This Touching Video Reminds Us All Why Our Dads Are So Important

Soap types Dove conducted a survey with dads recently which uncovered that almost 75% of fathers feel that they are responsible for the emotional well-being of their children. But just 20% of them felt that this emotional side was reflected in the media’s representation of them. Dads aren’t just there to put food on the table and shout at their kids when they’re naughty. And it’s time this softer side to our paternal figures was appreciated. So Dove made this video. And ruddy lovely it is too!

Have a watch. And if you start tearing up around the midway mark, just blame it on having something in your eye like we did…


How nice was that? And what makes it even better? Of the 28 dad and kid clips in that one minute video – every single one of them is real!

What do you think?

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