A Groomer Shaved This Homeless Dog. What She Found Underneath All That Hair Saved His Life.


Charlie the dog was found wandering around the streets of Los Angeles. Soon, he was in a rescue center. Now, LA is famous for having a huge number of stray pets that are homeless because they’ve been abandoned by their owners. Charlie ended up in one of the centers that has no option but to run a ‘high kill’ policy, just because there’s simply no room for them. He had two weeks maximum to find a new owner…

His biggest problem? Poor Charlie’s hair was so matted, he looked a mess. No one would look at him in the rescue center. So he need to get cleaned up. He needed a groomer. And he got one!

Did you know?
More than 2.5 million healthy cats and dogs are destroyed in American shelters each and every year. That’s about 1 every 13 seconds. How shocking is that?!

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