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Photoshop MADNESS! 30 Russian Wedding Photos That’ll Make you Cringe

In Russia, getting married isn’t so much about the big dress or cake. Or even the vows. Nope, out east it’s all about the wedding photos. And not just pictures of the congregation smiling politely. We’re talking heavily-Photoshopped efforts, presumably fiddled with by someone blind drunk (if these photos are anything to go by). Trust us, they’re mental.

Don’t believe us? You soon will!

1. This man’s got a decent throw on him, hasn’t he?

Angel Bride


2. ‘Babies in cabbages? For me? Oh, you shouldn’t have! Really, I’d have preferred it had you not.’

Bad Russian Photo


3. Here’s one of those classic ‘groom hides behind a small wall’ pictures that ever bride dreams of.

Bad Wedding Photo


4. This is why you never leave it up to the groom’s dad to book the music at your wedding.

Bad Wedding


5. ‘Look our fine selection of luncheon meat!’

Buffet Bride


6. Some of these are just beautiful though, aren’t they? Eh? Hello? No? Oh.

Champagne and Hearts


7. ‘It was a lovely service. Until that Transformer turned up and blew up the church.’

Church Attack


8. They’ve intentionally made it look as though the groom is coming out of a cow’s backside in this one. INTENTIONALLY.

Cow Wedding


9. Finally, something a little classy.

Dreadful Russian Wedding


10. Tall couple.

Flying Couple


11. The groom as a predator? Not a great image on your wedding day.

Flying Groom and Bride


12. And another one. The bride may be the bird here, but she’s been caught by the giant groom who looks like he’s about to devour her.

Giant and Angel


13. Let’s just hope this chap didn’t have a complex about his size before the wedding, eh?

Giant Groom


14. His wife is an angel. With crudely felt-tipped wings.

Holding the Bride


15. ‘You can’t park that here, sir…’

Huge Wedding Car


16. This Russian fella looks like he’s in for a fun marriage, doesn’t he?

Laughable Wedding Picture


17. We hope this one’s Photoshopped, anyway.

Mad Groom


18. Blimey. Isn’t this a crime scene photo?

Mad Wedding Car


19. Isn’t it nice that they finally passed that law allowing centaurs to marry?

Mythical Beast Wedding


20. Again – some of these are just terrifying.

Pocket Bride


21. You’d probably want your money back after seeing this one, wouldn’t you?

Road Wedding


22. ‘Yeah, I don’t mind want you do with the pictures. Just make sure I look abnormally strong. Cheers.’

Rubbish Wedding Snap


23. This photograph nicely captures the couples’ hobbies: playing the accordion, blowing trumpets and standing next to bright orange statues of Lenin.

Statue Wedding Photo


24. Are they… Chickens?!

Tiny Bride and Groom


25. Fiddling with his wife.

Violin Bride


26. If regular-sized swans can break someone’s arm, imagine what this monster swan could do. With a flick of its mighty wing, this bird could turn these celebrating newlyweds into dust.

Wedding Swan


27. ‘I see. And you want to be in the car? Oh. You want to be… the wheels? You want your heads to be the wheels of the car? Right.’

Weird Car Picture


28. Stay classy, Moscow.

Weird Wedding Photo


29. ‘Of course I’ll marry you! You’ve got a crossbow aimed at me.’

What a Bad Wedding Photo


30. And finally – here’s the classic wedding photo: The ‘stab your husband through the head with a baguette’ photo. Touching stuff.

Wife Feds Husbands

We now pronounce you mad and weird!

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