This Pelican Needs Urgent Help… What These Brave Guys Do Next Is A Real Act Of Kindness!

Fishing lines need to be discarded properly. And not just discarded into the sea. For starters, it can cause quite terrible damage to fish. Seabirds are also at risk of becoming tangled up in the lines too. And we’ve got proof. A pelican gets caught up and its beak tied shut when it accidentally gets it caught up. Luckily there are a couple of heroes on standby…

You can minimize the risk of losing line by using high quality fishing line that is less likely to break off. You can also fish in only authorized spots which are monitored and cleared regularly.

Did you know?
Pelicans’ wings can hit an incredible wingspan of more than ten feet! They’re capable of being able to soar up to a quite amazing ten thousand feet too… Despite being one of nature’s heaviest flying birds.