Flickering Lights, Ghost Girls, Severed Heads in Cases… Is This The Scariest Prank Of All Time?

PETRIFYING – Crazy Telekinetic Priest Speaks in Tongues and Terrifies People!

Here at Boredom Bash, we love a good prank. But one thing we love even more is a scare. So when we stumble across a SCARY PRANK, we rub our hands with glee. There’s nothing better as far as we’re concerned. And we have the ultimate example for you here. This very well-prepped stunt sees unlucky bathroom users in Thailand getting more than they bargained for. Instead of just seeing to their business, washing their hands and leaving, they had to deal with a Grudge/Ring-style girl and the most messed-up supernatural suitcase (complete with severed head, of course!).

Just imagine being these poor people…


WHOA. Is this the most frightening prank of all time? If it is, then this one runs it a close second!

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