They Found A Tangled Ball Of Fur In The Sewer. When They Got It Home.. LOVE!

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Abandoned mongrel Bitty’s story is, at first, quite upsetting. Ultimately, the poor thing was rescued and re-homed and is in good shape right now (thank God), but it was touch and go for a moment. Even worse? When LA-based animal rescue organization Hope For Paws went to investigate Bitty’s situation after receiving the initial call, there was another dog hidden in a sewer tunnel too. But after a rainstorm, the other dog didn’t make it…

Luckily Bitty did, though and all’s well. Let’s see what went down:

Did you know?
Hope For Paws seem to get everywhere and look huge, but they’re actually quite small. They’re run by just two people, Eldad and Audrey Hagar, in 2008. They’ve done great getting as much publicity for their work and we just love what they do…

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