These Skeletons Hug And Kiss Behind A Screen. When They Step From Behind It, Everyone’s Amazed

We’re all the same on the inside, that’s what they say. Take away all the outside prejudices and all we see is the love we have on the inside.

That’s what ‘Love Has No Labels’, the makers of this amazing video, set out to prove when they set up a giant screen in Santa Monica, California on Valentine’s Day.

Love Has No Labels has a mission statement:

Before anything else, we are all human. It’s time to embrace diversity. Let’s put aside labels in the name of love.

After watching this beautiful, moving video, we think you’ll agree they fulfilled that mission:

Love really does cut through all those prejudices. It’s a shame we can’t all go around as skeletons really, isn’t it? Mind you, that might be a bit spooky.

Why not give someone you love a hug? Go on. You know you want to after watching that!