Son Spends a Year Making This Wonderful Tribute Video For His Mother

Alex Lyngaas really loves his mom. If he didn’t, there’s no way he would’ve slaved away for a whole year on the amazing project we’ve got for you here. His Czech-born mother Eva and him live in Norway. They’re both very sporty and outdoorsy people, full of energy and life. But Eva’s missing something in her life – love. And Alex thinks it’s time to find it. But he’s not willing to leave it to the gods, he’s stepping in to help!

He decided last year to make the ultimate dating profile video and filmed his lovely mom doing all the things she loves so he could put it online and see who liked the look of her. Any interested guys are encouraged to send in a letter or make a little video and they’ll see what’s what.

It’s a beautiful project made with real and obvious maternal love. Make sure you stick around ’til the end so you can witness Eva’s wonderful reaction to the secret project…