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Pulled Over: But It’s The Cop That’s In Trouble! An Incredible Video…

You don’t see a situation like this occur every day. A truck driver and a cop discussing speeding and unsafe driving. But it’s the COP who was pulled over! You see, the trucker sees the cop overtake him – well above the speed limit – and sounds his horn until the cop pulls over. The truck driver then lectures the police officer for speeding on wet road as well as talking on his cellphone. At first the officer denies it, but then – when the trucker shows that he’s recording their chit-chat – the cop comes clean and thanks the trucker. It’s pretty funny when the lawman says he ‘couldn’t remember whether or not he was talking on his cell phone.’ Not sure that excuse washes, pal!

It’s an incredible ‘shoe on the other foot’ video and proof that the law applies to everyone and that no one has the right to bully anyone. Have a watch, it’ll make you think…


Love it. That trucker’s got a lot of guts, eh? Metaphorically and literally. Good work, fella!

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