Star Wars Episode VII Film Set Footage Leak!

You won’t believe this, but we’ve got an incredible video showing the film set of the new Star Wars movie that’s been leaked! You’d be right not to believe it, though – it’s a fake. But a pretty amazing fake. The hoax is a pretty good-natured one, showing the Rebel Alliance having taken over Frankfurt Airport. The new Star Wars film is probably more likely to be set in space than in Germany, so we don’t think the guy behind it meant for anyone to take it too seriously!

It’s a fabulously put together video, though. And for fans of George Lucas’ sci-fi classics, this will just make them even more antsy about the film coming out. Which is a shame as they’ve got to wait until December 2015!

Have a watch:


The Force is pretty strong in the guy that put that together. Share this with your Star Wars-loving pals today – get a kick out of it they will.

What do you think?

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