Dude Impersonating Soldier At Airport Is Busted By a REAL Veteran!

The ‘soldier’ you’re about to see was spotted at Fresno-Yosemite airport in Fresno, California. Fully dressed up in his army garbs, the guy was seen trying to get himself a 20% on coffee at Starbucks. But it was his uniform which gave him away. Ex army combat engineer Christian Parmer, who’s served in Afghanistan as an IED clearer, happened to be in line for a caffeine shot at the same time and took up his concerns with the guy.

“He’s wearing his hat in doors, which we don’t. He’s got a confederate flag on his shoulder, which we don’t wear of course.” Parmer says, “Before I filmed I asked to see if he really was a soldier? He said, ‘yeah I’m Army EOD’. I said, ‘okay, okay’ and I walked off. I said, ‘No this can’t be right; no soldier would wear his uniform in public in that manner.'”

Watch the full awkward moment right here: