Kind Diners Give Waitress HUGE Tip… Then Make Her A Truly INCREDIBLE Offer

An Australian couple are on vacation in Hawaii and decide to eat at the Noi Thai Cuisine restaurant. They have a great time, with some wonderful food and great service. When the check arrives, it totals $205.44. They decide to tip their server, Cayla Chandara. But not just 20%… They give her $400!

On the check, the kindly diners had written this little note: “This is God’s money – he gave it to us so we could give it to you. God Bless.”

“They asked me where I was from, and I told them I moved here for school but I was kind of in a little bit of debt and I couldn’t go back to school, because I couldn’t afford it and the cost of living here,” Chandara told the media after it happened.

“I just thought it was so generous of them. I never get tipped that big. I had to say thank you,” she said. “During dinner, they told me where they were staying, so I ran there after work to see if they’d still be there.”

Waitress Tip

“I was like, ‘No way, you don’t have to do that for me. I just wanted to say thank you. I still don’t feel like it’s real. I want to run around in the streets.”

“I want to make them proud,” she went on. “I will take opportunity with an open heart and be a better person that I can be every day.”

It’s a touching little tale. Find out a little more about what happened here – and what else the couple offered her – in this news report: