University Student Takes In Homeless Meth-Addicted Cousin To Help Raise Her Baby

    23 year-old Australian student is a lot like a lot of other young men. But instead of dedicating his life to sports and friends and university work, he’s now focusing on raising a baby. But it’s not his kid. He’s decided to take on the responsibility of helping his vulnerable 17 year-old cousin bring up her new baby. She contacted him after not hearing from each other for ten years to tell him that she was pregnant. After some chit-chat, Tommy found out that his cousin was homeless. And addicted to crystal meth.

    He was on a break from university so decided to find work, rent a bigger place and have his cousin move in so he could provide for them. He attended the birth and cut the umbilical cord and everything…

    Tommy’s being pretty relaxed and modest about his actions, saying only:

    “Obviously I’m not going to let her stay on the streets. Everyone likes to tell me this is such a big responsibility, but I wasn’t thinking about uni or work or anything, all I was doing was thinking that she needed me.”

    Tommy Connolly

    Tommy’s sister, amazed at her selfless brother has agreed to help out and has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise some money. If you want to help out, you can do so by visiting it here. Here’s what it says:

    “I am now 27 and my brother is 23. He moved to interstate to finish his degree and train as a sprinter for the Commonwealth Games. Since arriving interstate Tommy came to learn that we had a little cousin just 16 years old who was homeless and living on the streets. Both her parents were addicted to heroin, she had no clothes, no food, no shelter, and was pregnant with a child. She had nowhere to go and no immediate family in the state apart from Tommy. She had also lived one of the most traumatic lives immaginable. 

    Without giving a second thought, Tommy took her in and spent all his spare time working to get her clothes, medical needs and government assistance. At the age of just 23 tommy took in our little cousin and found them both a place to live that was safe and could house them both plus the new born baby. He did all of this whilst studying, training and working long hours to make ends meet. 

    A month ago our little cousin gave birth to a health baby boy and the first person he saw that cut the cord was my brother Tommy. So dedicated he was that he sat patiently in the emergency room finishing his University assignments while he waited for her to recover from the birth. As you can see by this picture mum and baby are perfectly healthy and happy and Tommy was there for the whole thing.

    Any money raised would set Tommy up for this next chapter of his life. While most of his friends are out partying, socialising or having fun Tommy simply works, studies and takes care of our little cousin and her new baby boy. Anyone who has raised a kid knows how tough it can be but at the age of just 23 to look after an adopted 17 year old girl and a new born baby is beyond admirable and something that only a small handful of people could manage.”

    Tommy Connolly

    Tommy Connolly. A modern day hero!