Surfer Who Lost Her Arm To A Shark At 13, Shows Us How To Surf While Pregnant!

    What a story we have for you here. It’s a beautiful example of a triumph of the human spirit. When surfing nut Bethany Hamilton was just 13, back in 2003, she suffered a terrible tragedy. Out on the waves one day she was attacked by a tiger shark and ending up losing her arm. Doctors couldn’t save it. It could have severely affected Bethany’s life. But she refused to let it… In fact, she wouldn’t even stop surfing!

    Nowadays, although with an arm less than her rivals, Hamilton is a professional surfer who even wins competitions! And now she’s expecting her first child. And even surfs while carrying her child! She seriously loves it.

    Here’s a picture of Bethany at six months:

    Surfer (2)

    The baby is due in June. It’s to be a boy and her and her husband Adam Dirks couldn’t be more thrilled about what’s happening.


    The 25 year-old is still tackling the waves. Here’s her and Adam in a recent snap:


    When she’s following her dream and surfing professionally, it’s not in a special category or anything, Bethany competes in normal contests on regulation surfboards. Her most recent victory? The Surf ‘N’ Sea Pipeline Women’s Pro at the end of last year.


    Let’s hear what Bethany has to say about what’s happening:

    “My pregnancy has been pretty smooth overall. I’ve just been tired, had a few headaches and am easily emotional. I’ve kept very active, but have also taken more time to rest. It’s crazy, but I feel like I’ve done some of my best surfing prego! At about five and a half months I really started to feel pregnant while surfing. I would get up a little slower and just feel a bit off from my normal self. But I’m fully enjoying the ocean.”


    Bethany goes on: “I’m doing some Bradley Method movements. Lots of squatting. I’ll make excuses to squat down for something or just hang out in a squat. I’ve been intentionally sitting on a yoga ball while at home instead of a chair as much as possible, and squeeze my booty while sitting. Or I’ll squeeze the yoga ball in between my legs and pulse or hold. Simple, but great stuff.”


    “As enthusiastic as I am to keep a healthy me and stay strong for surfing and life, I think it is important to rest when you need to and not overdue it. Our body works hard and we need to care for it. But with that in mind, giving birth may be one of the most physical events a woman goes through, so being active and keeping muscles alive and ready is what I believe we need to do.”

    Watch Bethany and Adam announce their pregnancy in their own words:

    What a great spirit Bethany has, huh?!