Great News… The Original Tamagotchis Are Making A HUGE Comeback!

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We’ve got some truly awesome news for any of fans of retro gaming and tech out there… The original Tamagotchis are coming back! That’s right. Those little tiny egg-like mini-machines that housed a little creature that you had to feed and clean up after and look after. They’re making a comeback. And in a BIG way.

We all used to be obsessed with these things as kids, didn’t we? First released over in Japan back in 1996, they were an enormous craze that used to keep kids occupied for hours. They were like miniature pets. You needed to look after them and if you didn’t? If you mistreated or forgot about them…? They died. 🙁

Here’s what they looked like, remember?


At the moment? If you want one, you have to pay big bucks on eBay. But soon? You’ll be able to ship the new ‘old’ ones over from Japan. They’re retailing for around $15.

Tamagotchi eBay

So they’re back. We can’t wait! Just try not to kill yours again this time, okay?!

What do you think?

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