These People Reclaim Their Bodies By Having Tattoos Cover Their Scars

Scars signify important chapters in our lives. Whether through accidents, self-harm or childbirth, they symbolize where we have been, and what we have experienced. However, for some, scars are a cause of great embarrassment; they can lead to serious body image issues for certain men and women.

So now, some individuals have decided to use tattoos to mask these scars. They have come up with increasingly unique and complex designs which make their scars all but disappear. Here are a selection of some of the best, and most inspiring.

1. Love yourself:

tattoo scar 14

2. The eye:

tattoo scar 13

3. Vines:

tattoo scar 12

4. Seashell:

tattoo scar 11

5. Feather:

tattoo scar 10

6. Be kind to yourself:

tattoo scar 9

7. Celtic cross:

tattoo scar 8

8. Flowers:

tattoo scar 7

9. Bird/fish:

tattoo scar 6

tattoo scar 6b

10. Flames:

tattoo scar 5

11. Branches:

tattoo scar 4

12. Waves:

tattoo scar 3

13. Peacock:

tattoo scar 2

14. Pansies:

tattoo scar 1