Teen Dies For Twenty Minutes. Says He Was Brought Back To Life By A Man He Met In The Afterlife.

    Zack Clements was your average 17-year-old boy. Fit and athletic, he played in a number of his school’s sports teams. However, one day, whilst running for his physical education class, Zack collapsed. He had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Zack was rushed to hospital, but doctors could not find a pulse. He was technically dead for 20 minutes, and just as the doctors were about to pronounce it formally, they found a pulse, at which point he was flown to a nearby children’s hospital.

    Luckily, Zach has made a full recovery. However, Zach has revealed that the reason that he arose from the dead was that he met and spoke to a mysterious figure in the afterlife, who assured him that everything was going to be okay.

    Watch the video below to discover the fascinating details of Zach’s vision.