Is This The Smallest House In The World…?

Andrew and Gabriella Morrison spent years working in the construction industry and being amazed at how much space, money and resources are wasted with almost every building project they came across. They worked hard, done well, but bored of toiling away every day in order to throw their hard-earned wages at a hefty mortgage like everyone else. So they put their minds together to try and come up with an alternative…

And one day they had their ‘Eureka!’ moment. In the shape of what they call ‘hOMe’. The idea is, in essence, to live in a very small – but very cleverly laid-out – purpose-built house. So they built one. Check it out – it’s veeeeeery cool:

hOMe (13)

Very cool and VERY small!

hOMe (1)

Their place set them back just $22,000 though. And you can’t argue with those prices!

hOMe (2)

While it definitely is on the teeny tiny side, it’s got everything you’d need from a house.

hOMe (3)

Including multi-purpose areas such as the dining area which doubles up as a small office space.

hOMe (4)

There’s not a wasted square inch.

hOMe (5)

There’s even plenty of storage space about. Have a look at the kitchen area:

hOMe (6)

It’s even quite roomy – weirdly – in the bedroom area.

hOMe (7)

Modern styling helps too.

hOMe (8)

There’s a clever plumbing system that cuts down on space and evades the issues associated with traditional plumbing.

hOMe (9)

There are built-in wardrobes…

hOMe (10)

Here’s an outside shot. Just like a nice little mini-lodge!

hOMe (11)

There’s even a second floor if you and partner get a little sick of being so close together all the time!

hOMe (12)

A fire!

hOMe (14)

Another cool thing about ‘hOMe’? IT’s built on wheels, affording the Morrisons plenty of options as to where they can live…

hOMe (15)

How do you like ‘hOMe’? Could you see yourself living here?

What do you think?

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