This Titanium Gatling Gun Fires 3,000 Rounds A Minute!

This is the Dillon M134. It’s a titanium Gatling gun. And it is unbelievable! You see, it fires 3,000 rounds a minute. Yep, I’ll let that sink in. 3,000 rounds a minute, that’s 50 rounds a second! Aggressive, intimidating and easy to use, this bad boy is a destruction machine, turning all before it into a pile of dust!

The other key aspect of the M134 is its weight. As it is made from titanium, it is incredibly lightweight for a gun of its size and power. This means that it can be mounted on vehicles, boats and helicopters, as well as – of course – the ground.

It’s safe to say that we wouldn’t want to come across someone at the helm of one of these!