Singapore Worker Hailed As ‘Hero’ After Incredible Toddler Rescue!

    A real-life superhero emerged from the most unlikely of places recently when a construction worker working in a housing block in Singapore rushed to the rescue of a little girl who had slipped from the edge of a second story balcony and hung dangerously over the edge. The man, Subramanian Shanmuganathan, climbed up the outside of the building in a flash, scaling the walls like a turbo-powered spider!

    With seemingly no consideration for his own safety, the guy’s heroics were caught on camera and we’ve got the footage of his bravery for you below.

    Saves Baby

    The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) tracked down Subramanian and gave him a ‘SCDF Public Spiritedness Award’. And it was much deserved!

    This first video is labeled as ‘Part 2’, but it shows the little girl after the slip, scrambling around helplessly before our hero arrives:

    And here’s Subramanian springing into action and saving the day!

    What a guy!