Florida Man ‘Too Overweight To Go To Jail’

Sanford, Florida. 38 year-old George Jolicoeur is arrested and charged with theft. What he had been doing was visiting restaurants and eating huge portions. Then leaving without paying. We don’t think he ran away, though. The man weighs 600lbs. That’s not the remarkable part of the story, though. He was found guilty and given a jail sentence. But then that was repealed because he was deemed ‘too fat for jail’.

He would often eat a large meal and then send it back towards the end, claiming it was cold or the food was bad or that it had made him feel unwell. On one occasion Jolicoeur drank TEN milkshakes before sending them back and refusing to pay. He claimed that the ‘milk was bad’. Another time he ate $50 worth of beef jerky and then tried to return it. He then got the nickname ‘Jerky George‘.

But the cost of housing the man in prison is deemed too high by the state, so they’ve spared him a spell inside. The man is mostly bedridden and uses a respirator to breathe. Nursing costs would be huge.

Too Fat For Jail

So, Jolicoeur swerved jail and was left to his own devices at home.

Too Fat For Jail

Jolicoeur agreed to just settle up a fine after admitting all five charges. It saved money from the state’s point of view, but did set a rather dangerous precedent…

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