World’s Most EXTREME Water Park Is Mind Blowing!

Just 30 miles outside of Berlin, Germany, is the most incredible and huge water park imaginable. It’s called the ‘Tropical Islands Resort’ and it’s found inside a giant former aircraft hangar which has the honor of officially being the biggest free-standing hall in the world. Built back in the days when Germany was slightly less popular across the world (you know what we’re talking about), this awesome space can accommodate more than 6,000 revelers and employs more than 500 people just to keep it going.

It’s absolutely huge, but its scale, while impressive, is the place’s biggest drawback. It’s extremely expensive to run. It needs well over a million visitors a year just to break even and at the moment it only attracts about a fifth of that number. So check it out. And if you’re keen, make the trip! It’ might not be with us all that long…

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