TwinzTV’s Pants-Dropping ‘Come At Me!’ Prank Is HILARIOUS!

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    Pranksters TwinzTV are getting into a little trouble in the ‘hood. They just can’t stop getting into fights with people. They’re not the toughest guys on the block, either. So they could be in for a bit of a bad time of it. Or at least they would be if they hadn’t stumbled across a fail safe way to win every confrontation they ever get into.

    They think they’ve struck upon the ultimate way to be able to come out on top in the event of having to throw hands with strangers on the street. If it all kicks off and gets nasty, you can try going toe to toe with people, but it’s always good to have the edge. Have an ace up your sleeve. And these crazy pranksters have got exactly that…

    It’s a pretty smart – if slightly insane – technique. Check it out…

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