Who Ever Thought That Sand Could Be So Cool?! You’ve Gotta See This…

Sand used to be fun when we were kids, didn’t it? Making sandcastles. Burying your dad up to his neck…. But when you get older it’s just a bit of an inconvenience, isn’t it? It gets everywhere after a day at the beach. Annoying. Well, get ready to fall back in love with sand again… Introducing: Kseniya Simonova. She’s a Ukranian sand artist and she does pretty darn cool stuff with it. Like this:

Sand Art (1)

Check out how she does it in the video. It’s really quite incredible!


That’s just about the coolest thing we’ve ever seen made out of sand. Apart from that sandcastle we built that time when we were ten. That was a pretty sweet sandcastle. Anyway – like Kseniya’s amazing work? Do share it with people!

What do you think?

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