Check Out These Staggering Photos of MILLIONS of Unsold Cars. Ridiculous!

Because of financial reasons (ie, the recession), people across the world aren’t buying as many brand new cars as they used to. So car manufacturers aren’t making as many, right? Right?


And because of even more complicated economic reasons, production isn’t being halted. If it stops, people lose their jobs and the recession worsens. So it goes on. There are literally millions of unsold vehicles parked up in gigantic car parks in almost every developed country on the planet. And that stockpile just keeps getting added to daily.

Check out these almost unbelievable pictures…

Here’s a small slice of almost 60,000 cars parked up in industrial space in Baltimore, Maryland.

Car Stockpile


They’ve got every colour of the rainbow for people not to buy here!

Cars That Are Unsold


Here’s the Eastern Spanish port of Spain. But those four-wheelers aren’t being exported anywhere…

Cars That Don't Get Sold


Here’s a car park in the Northamptonshire market town of Corby. There’s a market there, but these cars won’t be being sold on it!

Cars That Haven't Been Bought


It’s not even the country that produces them that’s always lumbered with them. Import and export agreements in place see tens of thousands of cars like the Citroens seen below imported into other countries without buyers.

Cars That Nobody Wants


Just look at this… SO MANY UNSOLD CARS!

Fleets of Unbought Cars


What happens to all these cars once they’re usurped by newer models? They’re even less likely to be snapped up, aren’t they?

Fleets of Unsold Cars


And to think, there are millions of people around the world who can’t afford their own personal transport.

So Many Unbought Cars


Here’s Bicester in Oxfordshire – another place running out of space to house all these unused and unloved motors.

Stockpile of Cars


This is a Russian airport which was being used to ship in cars from the rest of Europe. Only there’s nowhere for them to go onto. So they stay at the airport. The airport is now no longer usable!

Stockpiled Cars


See those big grey areas? Guess what’s there? Yip – you got it… Cars!

Unsold Cars in Avon


Peugeots gathering dust at an Italian port. What a waste.

Unsold Cars in Italy


So many cup holders not holding cups! Oh, the humanity!

Unsold Cars in Spain


Here are tens of thousands of parked-up cars rusting away at the Royal Portbury Docks in Avonmouth, near Bristol.

Unsold Cars UK



Unsold Cars


Here are some more Spanish cars, catching a tan.

What Happens To Cars That Don't Get Sold


This used to be Nissan’s test track in Sunderland. Only there’s very little testing going on there now. What with all the cars parked up on the track!

What Happens To Unsold Cars


What a waste…

Where Cars Go To Die


Depressing, isn’t it?

Where Unsold Cars Go

‘Excess production’, eh? On a scale like this, it’s INSANE, isn’t it? Still, at least all these wasted vehicles make for some pretty cool pictures. So that’s at least something… Why not share the madness with a pal and send them this post?

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